‘A great deal for us’: Al Jazeera’s ‘Dirty Wars’ series in Indonesia to be aired in US, UK

On August 17, Al Jazeera will premiere its ‘Dirt Wars’ (DWA) series on Al Jazeera World.

The series will explore the rise of digital advertising in Indonesia, the country where the world’s largest ad company, Google, has invested billions of dollars in building up a presence.

The US, where Al Jazeera is based, will premiere a documentary film about digital advertising, entitled The Great Divide: The Battle for Digital Advertising in Indonesia.

Al Jazeera has also partnered with the Indonesian National Geographic Society to premiere a short documentary titled ‘Digital Advertising in the Making’ on its website.

Aljazeera’s Digital Ads team will also feature in the Al Jazeera International World Service on September 17, with the launch of ‘DWA’ online and in print, with digital ads from the US-based company and Indonesian-owned brands including Zara, Nike and the National Geographic Institute.

AlJazeera’s digital advertising is being carried out by the Digital Ad Sales team at Al Jazeera Worldwide. 

Read more: Al Jazeera was founded in 2007 in Qatar by two former journalists, Abdullah Al Thani and Mohamed Fahmy.

AlThani has said the organisation is “based on truth, not on lies”.

He and Fahmy have said they were inspired by the Arab Spring uprisings and by the rise in global opinion about global inequality.

“Dirty wars” is a two-part series. 

First part will see a number of Al Jazeera employees on the ground in Indonesia and will focus on how to build and market digital advertising campaigns to reach a wider audience. 

The second part of the series will be the first-ever documentary about digital ads in the making.

The documentary will be shown on AlJadeed.com, a website that is owned by Al Jazeera, and available on Netflix, Amazon Prime, and iTunes. 

“Dirty War” will be released in US$1,000 (£680) and in UK$4,000, respectively, on September 18.

It will be available on Aljae.com and on Alias TV, Aljadeed’s streaming platform, starting on September 19. 

Al Jazeera’s Digital Ad sales team will lead the series, which is part of a broader strategy to support the organisation in the fight against digital advertising. 

In an interview with Al Jazeera in February, AlThawani said: “I have a vision for the future of our brand. 

Digital advertising is a fundamental element of that.

Digital advertising is the only way to reach our audiences.” 

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