How to use Facebook Ads to promote your blog

How to: Create Facebook Ads for your blog.

If you’ve ever run a blog on Facebook, you’ve probably noticed that ads can sometimes look pretty awkward on the platform.

While you can edit and edit your posts, the ads you see will always look like they’re loaded from your site’s CMS.

Fortunately, you can customize the appearance of your posts on Facebook so that they look and behave just like the ones that people see on their website.

Here are the steps you’ll need to take to do just that.

Step 1: Create a new Facebook Page If you want to promote a blog post, you’ll have to create a new page.

There are two main ways to do this: You can create a single page, which is basically just a single post.

Create a group of pages that are linked to each other and linked to the posts that are the most relevant to that group.

Create separate pages for each group, and then add them to a “group” that you’ve created.

This group will be called the “Facebook Page” and will have a single title and a “location” link.

The site name will be “Facebook.”

If you’d like to use the Facebook Page to advertise on the blog, you will need to create that group first.

The “Group” field will look like this:  “Facebook Page: Name: Group” (the group name).

Group: The name of your group, like “Blog Posts.”

Group Name: In the case of Blog Posts, we’ve chosen the word “Blog” for this group.

Location: Here’s where you’ll be able to choose the location of your Facebook Page.

For this example, we’ll use the United States, so the location will be located in your U.S. city.

If we use Australia, New Zealand, or the United Kingdom, we’d like the location to be in the country that you live in.

Step 2: Create an advertising link and link the Facebook Post to your blog posts in your group If you’re a new blogger, you might have no idea what “Advertising” means, so you might want to look up the definition for your new keyword.

Here’s a link to the AdWords FAQ: AdWords – What Is an Ad?

How do I get started?

To create an ad on your Facebook page, you must first create a link on the Facebook page.

Click the “Create Ad” button on the right side of the page, then select the “Ad” link type.

This is the part of the ad you’ll create.

It’s a simple text field with a few options for the ad to appear.

We’ll use a short video to help you decide which option you want.

In the video, we can choose the type of ad we want, and also specify the duration of the video.

You can set the size of the ads and the duration.

You’ll also be able change the language.

This should be a pretty straight-forward process.

You just have to click “Create” and your ads will appear.

Here you’ll see a little green “X” next to your ads that indicates they’re in your ad queue.

To close your ad, click “X.”

This will close the ad, and your Facebook posts will disappear.

Now that we’ve done that, let’s get to how to create ads for our Blog Posts.

Step 3: Create the Facebook Advertising Page for the Blog Article In the same “Ads” section, we’re going to create an advertising banner for our Facebook page and use the “facebook ad” option.

In this case, we will be listing posts from a single Blog post, but we’ll be doing so in the “Group.”

To do this, we need to add a short description to the ad.

Here is the description we’re looking for: “Your Facebook post is on our group Facebook page.”

Notice the two “:”s in the description, just to be clear.

We need to use “Group:” to group the posts in our group.

Next, we want to specify the “Video” option, which we’ll pick from the dropdown at the top of the screen.

We’re going for the “long” video option, since this is how many videos you want the ad show.

For the duration option, we pick from “30 seconds.”

The “Video Length” will be the number of seconds that you want your video to run.

We want it to be short, and we want it not to go over the allotted time, so we need it to run at least 30 seconds.

We can also choose to add additional description and video options to the video: For the “Duration,” we’re only listing posts that have been edited since we posted them, so it would be a good idea to use an “X”, “E,” or “L”

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